Pain, Pus and Poison

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Pain, Pus and Poison

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Total number of episodes: 3
Last episode broadcasted: 08/02/2014 at 02:45
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (3 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • Pain, Pus and Poison - 3. Poison

    3.0 | 55 x
    How scientists went from finding antidotes to poisons to applying poisons as a cure.
  • Pain, Pus and Poison - 2. Pus

    3.0 | 36 x
    Exploring early attempts to tackle infection and how we used microbes to fight back.
  • January 2014
    Pain, Pus and Poison - 1. Pain

    3.0 | 83 x
    Dr Michael Mosley discovers why we want to control pain and how we ultimately did it.