Redakai - Conquer the Kairu

Catch Up on and watch online TV for free. Missed an episode of Redakai - Conquer the Kairu, broadcasted by CITV? We give you an overview of all the latest episodes, so you can pick and watch your favourite episode.

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Episode 52: End of the Shadow (Part 2)

3.0 20 x
While Ky searches for an antidote to shadow Kairu, Maya and Boomer find themselves in another cube tournament.
Episode 51: End of the Shadow (Part 1)

3.0 27 x
Ky leaves the team to look for an antidote to Shadow Kairu, Akaon also joins him in his quest.
Episode 50: Spreading of the Shadow

3.0 19 x
When our heroes discover that pure Kairu is actually changing into shadow Kairu, they conclude that Lokar is to blame. Ky sets out to find a remedy.
Episode 49: Battle of the Hiverax

3.0 16 x
Join Ky and his friends Maya and Boomer in an adventure, where they search for the Kairu. Team Stax cure an injured Hexus, who is suspicously friendly.
Episode 48: Elimination Island

3.0 13 x
Team Hiverax appear on the island that Team Stax visited before. The Hiverax plan to lure Team Stax and Team Radikor to the island so they can eliminate them.
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