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The Sooty Show

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Total number of episodes: 166
Last episode broadcasted: 30/11/2014 at 07:25
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (166 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 26: The Marching Band

    Expired | 3.0 | 45 x
    Richard is preparing a show and the gang are desperate to take part. With his bagpipes and batons causing trouble, Sooty comes up with some mischief of his own.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 23: The Runaway Bath

    Expired | 3.0 | 13 x
    Sweep is told to take a bath and clean up - but he gets his paw stuck in the tap. When Sooty comes to the rescue in his campervan the situation heads for disaster.
  • 11:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 22: Pizza to Go

    Expired | 3.0 | 40 x
    Sooty and the gang are put in charge of Mr Slater's Pizza Parlour. But in the kitchen pizzas start flying off the shelves. Guest starring Brendan Cole.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 21: The New Poster

    Expired | 3.0 | 58 x
    Richard is set to lose his job if business doesn't improve - so Sooty and Sweep decide to make some new posters to advertise Slater's Holidays.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 20: Beach Patrol

    Expired | 3.0 | 26 x
    Mr Slater has put Richard in charge of the beach and the gang decide to join him - but poor Richard ends up in deep water. With special guest star Frank Bruno.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 24: Run Rabbit Run

    3.0 | 54 x
    When the park is due for an inspection, Sooty builds a robot to help Richard tidy, and everything is soon spotless - if only Soo's rabbit wasn't on the loose.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 19: Clever Bird

    Expired | 3.0 | 30 x
    Richard has booked a circus to entertain the guests but it hasn't arrived, so Sooty asks the owner of the bird garden to save the day with his clever budgies.
  • 15:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 25: The New Ride

    Expired | 3.0 | 29 x
    The Lady Mayoress is coming to open the park's new ghost train so Sooty and the gang are determined to impress. With special guest star Ann Widdecombe.
  • October 2014
    10:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 18: Chocco Chimp

    Expired | 3.0 | 42 x
    The prizes have disappeared from Mr Slater's new crazy golf course, and Richard is puzzled. Then the famous detectives Sherlock Sooty and Doctor Watsit are called in.
  • 10:00 The Sooty Show - Episode 17: Down the Drain

    Expired | 3.0 | 29 x
    There's no water at the Park! The gang's shower has stopped working, and Richard is covered in mud. It is down to plumbers Sooty and Sweep to put things right.

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