666 Park Avenue

May 2013

Episode 13: Lazarus

3.0 94 x
Final episode of the US supernatural drama series. Henry refuses to get into dirty politics. Jane's father returns to The Drake and tries to take her away at gunpoint.

Episode 12: The Elysian Fields

3.0 97 x
US supernatural drama series set in an apartment building with a very dark side. Jane tries to crack the mysteries of the shadowy group known as The Conspiratii.
April 2013

Episode 11: Sins of the Fathers

3.0 57 x
US supernatural drama series. Henry continues on the election trail - aided by Sasha - who later has a bizarre showdown with parents Olivia and Gavin.

Episode 10: The Comfort of Death

3.0 95 x
US drama series. The Dorans plan a big fundraiser to introduce Henry into the political world, while Jane attempts to learn more about The Drake's history.

Episode 9: Hypnos

3.0 55 x
US drama series. Jane is hurled back in time to October 1927 by the mysterious Maris Elder, who hypnotises her in an attempt to find out where she went when she vanished.

Episode 8: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

3.0 63 x
US drama series. Jane disappears without a trace, forcing a despondent Henry to worry for her safety and sanity.

Episode 7: Downward Spiral

3.0 33 x
Henry's excitement about his political career is tempered by Jane's concerns about staying at The Drake. Meanwhile, Brian learns that Alexis has been deceitful.
March 2013

Episode 6: Diabolic

3.0 59 x
US drama series set in an apartment building with a very dark side. The aftermath of the Halloween party leaves Jane traumatised. Gavin finds out who endangered Olivia.

Episode 5: A Crowd of Demons

3.0 54 x
US drama series. Olivia prepares for the annual Drake Halloween party, bringing to mind Halloween night 1929, when murder and mayhem reigned in the building.

Episode 4: Hero Complex

3.0 50 x
US supernatural drama series set in a Manhattan apartment building. The eerie apparition of the little girl reappears to warn Jane about the suitcase she found.
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