Ainsley Harriott's Street Food


Amman, Jordan

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Ainsley is on the final leg of his Street Food journey in Amman in Jordan, where recipes include a secret Bedouin method of slow-cooking whole spiced lamb

Penang, Malaysia

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In the home of fusion cooking, Ainsley makes a seafood laksa and black pepper prawns. There's also a roadside spicy peanut, mango and chilli salad.

Fes, Morocco

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In Fes, in Morocco, Ainsley visits the sprawling medina and cooks pastilla pie, tagine with rose couscous, and chicken kebabs


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Ainsley has slow-cooked pork, calamari braised in red wine, and deep fried artichoke hearts in Madrid. There's also garlicky prawns, and sardines and wine - for breakfast!


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In the city known as Japan's kitchen, Ainsley tries oyster tempura, udon noodles, chilli prawns - and even raw chicken - surely the most dangerous food in the world?
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