October 2018

Episode 4

3.0 0 x
BG sends Alex a gruesome and potent reminder of the task he's been set. Realising she needs to help Alex, Frida persuades her estranged father, an infamous cop of the old school, to set up a wire tap.

Episode 3

3.0 3 x
Desperate to locate his kidnapped son Simon, Alex goes off the rails and spends the night trying to beat information out of every criminal he knows. Simon is put into the custody of two drug addicts.

Episode 2

3.0 2 x
Alex hopes to buy his way out of his criminal life by returning all the money that BG has ever paid him. BG has one condition: there's an informant in his gang and he wants Alex to find out who it is.
September 2018

Episode 1

4.0 6 x
After accidentally killing his partner, guilt-ridden corrupt cop Alex tells crime boss BG he's going straight. Struggling to cover his tracks, he is assigned to work with by-the-book officer Frida.
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