All New Trisha

October 2013

Series 1, A Prophet Told Me... I'm Not Your Baby's Father

3.0 15 x
Diamond confronts her sister over starting rumours that Kendric is not the father of her baby.

Series 1, Our Mother Needs To Know About Your Secret Sex Life

3.0 16 x
Trisha talks to siblings who openup about their secret lives.

Series 1, Shocking Psychic Predictions for 2013!

3.0 40 x
Trisha tries to find out whether psychic powers truly exist or if they're just a sham.

Series 1, The DNA Results Are In...Am I Dating My Cousin?

3.0 53 x
Is Janice, who gave up her first-born child for adoption, really Andrea's biological mother?

Series 1, Secrets Revealed... I'm The Woman Your Man Is Cheating With!

3.0 11 x
Chad's mother and sister, both named Tammy, claim that his ex-girlfriend April went with other men during the entire relationship and that her three children may not be his.

Series 1, 33 Years of Lies...Are You My Father or Not?

3.0 46 x
Debra spent her entire life believing that Kenny was her father, until a family member revealed that Kenny secretly had doubts.

Series 1, Will My Sex Secret Tear My Family Apart?

3.0 29 x
Michael admits that he had an affair with Alexus while engaged to Marcella.

Series 1, Is My Fiance Having an Affair with My Best Friend?

3.0 72 x
Kelly suspects that her boyfriend has been sleeping around, because he gave her an STD.

Series 1, Help Me Prove My Husband Is Not The Father of My 2 Kids

3.0 14 x
Louise took a second chance on love with Calvin but now questions whether their entire 11-year relationship has been a sham.
September 2013

Series 1, A Family DNA Secret...Are You My Sister or My Mother?

3.0 45 x
Natashia and James have DNA tests to find out whether the baby they brought home from hospital is theirs.
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