An Island Parish


Series 8: 4. The Wheel Has Come Full Circle

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With Easter fast approaching, traditionally the beginning of Sark's tourist season, it is a busy time for many. Jo Birch is busy getting the Seigneurie Gardens ready - it is the island's most popular tourist attraction. Dave Scott the shepherd is br...

Series 8: 3. Sark's Got Talent

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February brings freezing temperatures but unique opportunities to the islanders too: Mini McCusker leaps into the sea - as she does every day - on the high spring tide, while some hours later Dave Scott the shepherd takes the afternoon off with his ...

Series 8: 2. Busy Hands are Never in Want

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The new year is heralded by Sark's own unique interpretation of three-day eventing, with the islanders dressed as horses, but soon the realities of January on Sark kick in.

February 20, 2017

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Islanders prepare for the threat of hurricanes as the rainy season begins. Horticulturalist Anna Kennedy is in search of a remedy to save her trees from invasive pests. Bishop Brooks is off to Antigua as festivities begin to celebrate the 175th anni...

March 3, 2015

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As Christmas approaches, everyone on the island makes their own unique preparations. Julie at Foodstop installs Norwegian handmade elves in the shop, fisherman Baz Adams distributes enough mistletoe to keep the entire island kissing for months, and ...
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