Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain

December 2014

6. Britannia at Bay

Expired 3.0 18 x
Marr concludes his series with a vivid account of Britain in the Second World War.(R)

5. Little Britain

Expired 3.0 45 x
The Wall Street Crash and the rise of fascism in Europe cause chaos in 1930s Britain.(R)

4. Having a Ball

Expired 3.0 40 x
The 1920s saw a housing boom, the creation of the BBC and the Wall Street Crash.(R)

3. The Great War

Expired 3.0 45 x
Britain gets its first taste of total war, which transformed the lives of millions.(R)

2. Road to War

Expired 3.0 11 x
The assassination of an archduke in Sarajevo sets in motion the wheels of world war.(R)

1. A New Dawn

Expired 3.0 48 x
Andrew Marr revisits Britain at the dawn of the 20th century.(R)
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