Andy's Dino Toybox

October 2020

Series 1: 4. Stuck in the Mud

4.0 1 x
Two T-rexes go in search of fun. But when they get stuck in the muddy swamps, they need some help from the biggest dinosaur around.

Series 1: 3. The Greedy Dinosaur

3.0 1 x
To be a huge dinosaur, you have to eat your greens. But a baby brachiosaurus has been a bit too greedy!

Series 1: 2. Learning to Swim

3.0 3 x
What do you need to be a super swimmer? Baby spinosaurus goes on a quest to find out!
September 2020

Series 1: 15. The Super Predator

3.0 7 x
What does it take to be the fiercest and mightiest super predator of all time? Young spinosaurus is on a quest to find out.

Series 1: 14. The Singing Dinosaur

3.0 5 x
It’s a big day for a parasaurolophus family as they try out their trumpets, much to the amusement of T-Rex and brachiosaurus.

Series 1: 13. The Lost Dinosaur

3.0 6 x
Baby brachiosaurus gets split up from the herd. Hylaeosaurus and stegosaurus show her their safety skills and help her find her family again.

Series 1: 12. Dinosaur Tails

3.0 5 x
Ankylosaurus is tired from carrying around his heavy armour and tail all day - the last thing he needs is to get something stuck on it.

Series 1: 11. Building a Nest

4.0 5 x
The oviraptors have some eggs on the way, but where should they lay them? Psittacosaurus and pteranodon have some advice for these soon-to-be new parents.

Series 1: 10. Dino Racing

4.0 8 x
Who is the fastest dinosaur around? There’s only one way to find out - it’s time for dino racing!

Series 1: 9. Dino Birthday Party

4.0 7 x
Brachiosaurus throws a party for his friends to celebrate his 70th birthday.
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