Angela Black

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Angela Black

Angela struggles to find proof of what Olivier and Theo did to her. She must use every bit of her strength, cunning and intelligence to beat Olivier once and for all and ensure that she and her boys are protected from him.

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Series 1
Now that Angela has seen Theo, she focuses on uncovering Olivier's manipulation and getting back custody of her children. She realises that she can't go back to the person she was before and tries to recover the old Angela.
As Angela adjusts to her new life, her therapy sessions bring up memories from her past, and we see how long Olivier's abuse has been going on. Although Angela starts to question her experiences, she can't let go of everything Ed told her...
Now that Angela has agreed to Ed's plan, the preparation begins. Angela carries out her day on autopilot, readying herself for the big night. But will she be able to go through with it?
Angela is reeling after Ed's claims about her husband confirm her worst fears. She struggles to keep up the façade with Olivier and the boys, and Ed wants her to take action.
Angela seems like a happy mum of two, but she is hiding something: her seemingly charming husband, Olivier, is in fact violent and manipulative.