Anger Management

July 2020

Series 2 Episode 90: Charlie and the 100th Episode

4.0 7 x
In the final episode, Charlie has to make a big decision: should he keep his therapy group going or become the sports psychologist for a baseball team?

Series 2 Episode 89: Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote

4.0 4 x
Charlie wants to fire his new employee because she always sides with Jordan. Nolan makes a big sacrifice.

Series 2 Episode 88: Charlie Gets Tied Up with a Catholic...

3.0 3 x
Martin tells Charlie to stay away from his girlfriend's attractive daughter. Lacey pretends to be pregnant.

Series 2 Episode 87: Charlie and the Epic Relationship Fail

4.0 5 x
Charlie urges Nolan to improve his relationship with Lacey but ends up getting him fired from his job.

Series 2 Episode 86: Charlie Meets His Match

3.0 4 x
A matchmaker sets up Charlie and Sean on a double date, but they each end up with the wrong woman.

Series 2 Episode 85: Charlie's Living the Dream

4.0 2 x
A bad dream puts Charlie at risk of being late to officiate at the renewal of Ed and his wife's wedding vows.

Series 2 Episode 84: Charlie Gets in Bed with Jordan's...

3.0 5 x
Charlie wants to make a business deal with Jordan's ex-husband, but he's certain Jordan won't approve.

Series 2 Episode 83: Charlie and the Return of Danger Girl

4.0 6 x
Charlie learns how to skydive when he dates a thrill-seeking woman. Lacey and Patrick start a business.

Series 2 Episode 82: Charlie Rolls the Dice in Vegas

3.0 6 x
Charlie goes to Las Vegas but his life gets complicated after a wild night out. Nolan puzzles Lacey.

Series 2 Episode 81: Charlie and the Terrible, Horrible...

3.0 5 x
Charlie almost destroys Ed's marriage by inviting his wife to Thanksgiving dinner. Jordan hits on Nolan.
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