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Anger Management

December 2019

Series 2 Episode 26: Charlie and the Hot Nerd

3.0 5 x
When Charlie begins dating Monica, a woman he meets on a technical support call, her nerdy ex boyfriend finds a way to make Charlie's life hell

Series 2 Episode 27: Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister

3.0 2 x
Charlie begins dating Wynona (guest star LeAnn Rimes), not knowing that her brother is a serial killer from his prison support group

Seriers 2 Episode 24: Charlie and His New Friend with...

4.0 3 x
Charlie breaks all the professional rules by starting a friends-with-benefits relationship with one of the subjects of his sex study. Nolan and Patrick fight over a woman.

Series 2 Episode 25: Charlie and the Airport Sext

3.0 3 x
A group trip to Lake Tahoe is interrupted when Charlie receives a text message containing interesting news from Kate

Series 2 Episode 22: Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study

4.0 4 x
Recently broken up, Charlie and Kate try to control their urges as they begin work on their sex study. Lacey starts a new job as a pharmaceutical rep.

Series 2 Episode 23: Charlie and the Secret Gigolo

4.0 1 x
Charlie discovers scandalous information about Jen's new boyfriend, Sean, when he's ordered by a judge to attend Charlie's therapy group. Meanwhile, Ed moves in with Patrick.

Series 2 Episode 20: Charlie Breaks Up with Kate

4.0 3 x
Charlie tries to deal with both Kate breaking up with him and Jennifer getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Sean. Meanwhile, Charlie's group volunteers at a soup kitchen.

Series 2 Epiosde 21: Charlie and His New Therapist

3.0 1 x
Charlie tries to deal with his anger issues about Kate by seeing a new female therapist who has unorthodox therapy methods. Patrick tricks Ed into thinking he won the lottery.

Series 2 Episode 18: Charlie and the Break Up Coach

3.0 1 x
Charlie's ex Jennifer competes with Charlie when she becomes a 'life coach' to his patient Patrick. Lacey helps Charlie's dad get a Facebook account.

Series 2 Episode 19: Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic

3.0 3 x
Charlie's dad, Martin, tries to get Charlie and Jennifer back together by interfering in Charlie's relationship with Kate. Nolan helps Ed as his 'anger buddy'.
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