Animal Fight Club

June 2017

10. Brutal Brawls

3.0 9 x
Lionesses and a leopard in an African big cat showdown.

6. Kangaroos, Tigers & Octopus

4.0 7 x
In the tropics, two tigers fight for territory.

5. Leopards, Wild Boars and Pistol Shrimp

4.0 10 x
Leopards turn on each other in the Serengeti.

3. Beach Brawl

4.0 4 x
Komodo dragons and penguins engage in coastal conflicts.

2. Rumble in the USA

3.0 5 x
Wolf packs settle scores and bison butt heads.

1. Savanna Smackdown

4.0 3 x
In Africa, a hippo defends its harem to the death.

16. Cat Fight

3.0 4 x
A pack of hyenas encounter a pawed posse on the savannah.
May 2017

15. Dangerous Encounters

4.0 14 x
Two black rhinos slog it out in a heavyweight clash.

14. Turf Wars

4.0 8 x
A badger meets its match when it spots some tasty fox cubs.

13. Mortal Combat

3.0 6 x
Elephant tempers flare when water is in short supply.