Lest We Forget

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Last in the deeply moving series about the Holocaust. While the hunt to find surviving Nazis continues today, efforts are being made to preserve the memory of their tragic victims.

Autopsy of a Mass Murder (The Trials)

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The Third Reich's awful war crimes laid bare. In late-1945, the Nazi top brass went on trial in Nuremberg - but it was left to the US to prosecute others involved in the Holocaust.

The Survivors

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The horrors of the Holocaust. As WWII neared its climax, Himmler tried to erase all trace of the genocide by ordering the incineration of bodies and destruction of the death camps.

The Final Solution

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By 1942, the Nazis were liquidating their ghettos and transporting prisoners to the gas chambers. The documentary group Oyneg Shabbos chronicled the true terror of these round-ups.

In the Face of Death

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Leading historians reflect on the barbarity of the Holocaust. By 1941, the Nazis were using gas as the hideous method for mass killings at their death camps - including Auschwitz.
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