Arctic With Bruce Parry

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Arctic With Bruce Parry
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5. Northern Europe

The final stage of Bruce Parry's six-month journey is through Arctic Europe. He travels to a remote Russian village where life has changed little for centuries.

January 2024

4. Canada

4 x
Bruce travels to the far north of Canada to live with the Caribou people and witness their annual spring hunt. He then heads south to the tar sands of Alberta.

3. Alaska

3 x
Bruce travels to Alaska, America's last great wilderness, where modern-day pioneers are harvesting the vast natural wealth of the seas.

2. Greenland

4 x
Bruce Parry journeys to the far north of Greenland, home to the last traditional Inuit hunters, and learns how climate change is threatening their ancient way of life.

1. Siberia

1 x
Bruce Parry meets the Sakha horse people and Eveny reindeer herders in Siberia's Verkhoyansk Mountains to see how they are embracing the challenges of a post-Soviet Arctic.