February 2015

3. Public Relations

Expired 3.0 8 x
Dan decides to raise his public profile and present his manifesto to the world by holding a press conference. Unfortunately he inadvertently accuses the El Ricans of torturing him, which does terrible damage to their World Cup bid. The terrifying El Rican foreign minister jets in to try to force Dan to issue a public apology, but with the world suddenly on his side Dan is extremely reluctant. Instead it falls to Ludo to use his hacking skills to get El Rico's World Cup bid back on track.

2. Project Siren

Expired 3.0 12 x
Having failed with Ludo, MI6 try to lure Dan out of the embassy by setting up an internet-based honey trap. Meanwhile, the CIA have placed a mole in the embassy who is leaking staff secrets and framing Dan for it. As a result the staff start acting extremely secretively, so Ludo, who is eagerly awaiting his birthday, starts expecting a huge surprise party. Birthday plans have to be put on hold though, as MI6 and the CIA get closer to Dan, so Ludo and Dan's hapless lawyer Lorna has to intervene.

1. Strange Bedfellows

Expired 3.0 13 x
After a year in the El Rican embassy under the threat of extradition to America, Dan is bored, depressed and has little hope of getting out - his only chance is to push his case in an interview with the Guardian. The embassy staff are struggling to attract people to the annual embassy ball, as Dan is old news and nobody wants to come. Rafael decides to offer sanctuary to another international fugitive, a childlike, internet pirate called Ludo Backslash.
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