Baby Chimp Rescue

January 2020

Series 1: 3. A New Beginning

4.5 18 x
At a chimpanzee orphanage in Liberia, the team reach breaking point caring for 38 rescued baby chimps, and the orphans have their first taste of life in the forest.

Series 1: 2. Breaking Point

4.0 15 x
At a chimpanzee orphanage in Liberia, a deadly cold breaks out among the babies, and the arrival of an eight-week-old infant and an adult male chimp brings new challenges.

Series 1: 1. Miracles Can Happen

4.0 24 x
How do you cope when you suddenly become surrogate parents to 21 orphaned chimps? Jim and Jenny Desmond have chimps overrunning their home and even their bed.
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