March 2015

Episode 8

Expired 3.0 19 x
As the door closes for the last time on the Calico flats, Vanessa finds her world collapsing when Zara makes a shocking confession

Episode 7

3.0 21 x
Powerful new dramas that explore modern gay life. After a hot, wild night, Aiden and Frank find themselves walking across Manchester. Can a one night stand become something more?
February 2015

Episode 5

3.0 21 x
Josh leaves Freddie's bed to return home for Sophie's wedding. Now Josh is out, gay and happy, has he outgrown his best friend?

Episode 6

3.0 28 x
Amy's got a date with Kay, but in order to find happiness, she must defeat her greatest enemy - her own imagination!

Episode 4

3.0 30 x
Helen has to get tough with her ex, Eddie, but her birthday turns into a disaster when Eddie takes revenge

Episode 3

3.0 30 x
Two lives collide when uptight Sian meets wild-at-heart Violet. Opposites might attract for a while, but how long can this couple last?
January 2015

Episode 2

3.0 34 x
When Scotty sees Yvonne, it's love at first sight. But as love turns to obsession, Scotty's life spirals out of control...

Episode 1

3.0 67 x
19-year-old Dean, played by Fisayo Akinade, has a job, a flat and all the sex he wants. But no matter how fast he runs, his problems are catching up with him.
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