Ben and Kate

March 2013

Episode 16

3.0 24 x
Kate returns to college, determined to focus on her studies instead of boys this time. Ben discovers that girlfriend Vera is not as keen on him as he first thought.

Episode 15

3.0 22 x
Ben tries to upstage Kate by volunteering to organise the annual father-daughter dance at Maddie's school, but soon realises it is easier said than done.

Episode 14: Gone Fishin'

3.0 25 x
US comedy series about a brother and sister who are exact opposites. When Ben and Kate's father Randy pays an unexpected visit, chaos ensues.

Episode 13: Bake-Off

3.0 44 x
US comedy series about a brother and sister who are exact opposites. Kate tries to move on after breaking up with Will. BJ pretends to be Maddie's mother for an audition.

Episode 12: Girl Problems

3.0 17 x
US sitcom. Kate tries to befriend Tommy's new girlfriend Lila. Ben tries to get funding for his business idea, but the investor is only interested in bedding him.

Episode 11: B-Squad

3.0 17 x
US sitcom. Kate tries to get Maddie into an advanced placement class. Ben learns that an old college friend stole his extraordinary pizza idea and got rich.
February 2013

Episode 10: The Trip

3.0 17 x
Ben and Kate find out that Will is wealthy which makes Ben try and interfere in a romantic trip to Will's cabin. Meanwhile, BJ thinks it is time for Tommy to get over Kate.

Episode 9: Guitar Face

3.0 16 x
Kate gets quite disturbed by the faces Will makes while playing with his band, and BJ starts attending a divorced women support group.

Episode 8: Reunion

3.0 18 x
US sitcom. Kate attends her high school reunion, where she gets the chance to show off her boyfriend Will and confront the girl that bullied her.

Episode 7: Career Day

3.0 17 x
US sitcom about a brother and sister who are total opposites. Ben tries to pursue a career as a wine seller before he speaks at Maddie's school career day.
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