Best House In Town



3.0 25 x
Homeowners compete to have the best house in town. Three St Albans wildcard properties are thrown into the mix in the hope of being selected for the final.


4.0 4 x
Homeowners compete to have the best house in town. Three detached properties in St Albans are looked at by the judges.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 15. St Albans: Final

4.0 15 x
The winning homes from the four categories in St Albans are revisited by the judges. They are given new insight into these magnificent homes while their owners get one last chance to impress.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 14. St Albans: Wildcard

4.5 66 x
Three St Albans wildcard properties are put to the judges. They are a converted farmyard barn with a 21st-century facelift, a zero-carbon self-build eco-home and a 1950s Scandinavian-style bungalow.
Episodes 2019

Series 1 Cutdowns: 13. St Albans: Detached

4.0 36 x
An ultra-modern family home, a country lodge given a new lease of life and a 1970s house updated for the 21st century are up for judgment in St Albans.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 12. St Albans: Semi-Detached

3.0 21 x
Up for judgment in this episode are a vibrant family home with an industrial twist, a sleek, split-level semi and an eclectic Edwardian with a menagerie of surprises.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 11. St Albans: Terraced

4.0 18 x
The owners of three terraces in St Albans go head to head in order to impress the five local judges and be chosen to compete in this week's final.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 20. Cardiff: Final

4.0 12 x
In the final round in Cardiff, the winning homes from the four categories go head to head. It is a tough job but the judges must decide who deserves the accolade of Best House in Town!

Series 1 Cutdowns: 19. Cardiff: Wildcard

4.0 44 x
Three Cardiff wildcard properties face the local judges. They are a bold, quirky terraced home, a renovated bath-house and a sleek modern new build.

Series 1 Cutdowns: 18. Cardiff: Detached

3.0 18 x
The owners of an expanded country cottage with some bold colours, a modern home with sea views and a newly renovated contemporary farm house compete to be chosen for the final.