Best Of Both Worlds

February 2019

Episode 16 South Wales & Hampshire

3.0 17 x
In South Wales, retired teachers Lynley and Pete need an accessible home with views, close to town. On the Hampshire coast, Emma and Ross want easy access to the sea and also to London.

Episode 7 Best Of Both Worlds

3.0 26 x
In Edinburgh, Lisa and Fiona are searching for a family home near to open spaces but also close to the city centre. And in Chichester, Charlotte and Sam are looking to buy their first home.
January 2019

Episode 15 Hampshire/Berkshire & Surrey

4.0 7 x
In the Hampshire/Berkshire borders, Marianne and Chris want the good life in the country, while working in town. And in Surrey, Fiona and Jonathan need a home with a mooring for his boat.

Episode 5 Forest of Dean & Bedfordshire

3.0 14 x
Debbie, Daniel and daughter Dilly want to embrace a simpler, greener life in the Forest of Dean. In Bedfordshire Rebecca and Gerhard want the great outdoors but with easy access to town.

Episode 18 Yorkshire and Kent

3.0 5 x
Caroline and Brad want to leave London behind for a Yorkshire family home. And in Kent, Clive and Faye are longing for the benefits of living in a remote spot without actually being remote.

Episode 9 West Yorkshire and Sussex

3.0 5 x
In West Yorkshire, Kal and Simon are searching for a family home surrounded by cows but without being too far from work. And on the Sussex coast, dad Philip wants to be closer to Brighton.

Episode 11 East Sussex and Cotswolds

4.0 11 x
In East Sussex, Julia and Martin want a house that's far away from neighbours without being remote. And in the Cotswolds, former party girl Karen wants to swap glitter balls for hay bales.

Episode 17 Surrey and the Midlands

3.5 20 x
In Surrey, Louisa and Paul want a home to spend more family time in. In the Midlands, newlyweds Dee and Matt want to swap Tamworth for the country without lengthening their commute.

Episode 10 Hampshire and Northumberland

4.0 5 x
In Hampshire, Maddie and Nick seek a rural home that still offers café culture. In Northumberland, Sue and Alistair want to find their idyllic 'forever' home without losing city access.

Episode 3 Kent and West Sussex

3.0 6 x
Lucy Alexander helps two sets of house hunters find the best of city and country. Matt and Janine need a family home on the Kent coast, and Sue and Richard are looking in West Sussex.