Better Things

September 2019

Series 2: 9. White Rock

3.0 2 x
Taking the children to visit her aunt and uncle in Vancouver, Sam learns an upsetting family secret.

Series 2: 8. Arnold Hall

3.0 6 x
Sam is bemused when her ex-husband's father arrives in Los Angeles with the London Philharmonic and asks her for a favour.
August 2019

Series 2: 7. Blackout

3.0 7 x
When the area is hit by a power cut, Sunny's ex-husband Jeff offers to drive Sam to the hardware store to buy a generator.

Series 2: 6. Eulogy

3.0 3 x
Sam feels unappreciated when her daughters prefer to watch RuPaul than her own show.

Series 2: 5. Phil

4.0 5 x
Phyllis is behaving more erratically and becoming more confused. When she is hospitalised in a self-inflicted accident, Sam is forced to make some difficult decisions.

Series 2: 4. Sick

4.0 4 x
Sam asks Rich's advice when she has an anxiety attack about her new relationship. Frankie invites her father to dinner.
July 2019

Series 2: 3. Robin

3.0 6 x
Sam almost immediately hits it off with Robin at her friend's haiku reading event.

Series 2: 2. Rising

3.0 3 x
Sam is brutally honest with Rodney, whom she has been dating for three weeks, and lets fly with some heartfelt truths about their relationship.

Series 2: 1. September

3.0 5 x
Sam is concerned that teenage daughter Max is seeing 35-year-old Arturo, and that his brother seems to have the hots for older women - namely herself.
March 2019

Series 1: 10. Only Women Bleed

4.0 4 x
Sam thinks she can finally get some time for herself but gets a call from Frankie's school asking her to collect her. It appears that Frankie has some "issues".
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