Better Things

Series 4

Series 4, Episode 10 - Listen to the Rooster

3.0 5 x
Sam takes Duke and Murray to an LA Dodgers game but has difficulty in finding a ride home. Xander arrives for a family meal but gets a taste of his own medicine.

Series 4, Episode 9 - Batceanera

4.0 31 x
Wider family and friends start gathering at the Fox household to celebrate Frankie's 15th birthday with a 'Batceanera', a mixed cultural event shared with her friend Rosita.

Series 4, Episode 8 - Father's Day

3.0 8 x
Sam and her single girlfriends celebrate Father's Day with a party to commiserate with each other over their failed relationships. Phil has a very special present for Frankie.

Series 4, Episode 7 - High Man, Bye Man

4.0 14 x
Sam and the girls are invited to Marion and Caroline's housewarming, where Phil makes a scene.

Series 4, Episode 6 - New Orleans

3.0 13 x
Sam falls in love with New Orleans when she is invited to her friends Andrew and Maneesh's wedding, but has mixed feelings when an ex-lover seems to be everywhere she goes, with his new girlfriend.

Series 4, Episode 5 - Carbonara

3.0 6 x
Sam has to remind Frankie that she knows more about boys and men than her daughter.

Series 4: 4. DNA

3.0 3 x
Sam has to persuade a reluctant Phil to give a sample of her DNA, receives some bad news from an orthopaedic specialist and has a spectacular blow-up with Max.

Series 4: 3. Escape Drill

4.0 4 x
Sam takes two good friends to meet with an attorney specialising in divorces, calls Jeff over to help assemble a chinchilla cage and meets one of Frankie's new friends in surprising circumstances.

Series 4: 2. She's Fifty

3.0 4 x
Tessa rings with some good news - they are reviving a popular kids' TV show, which may help with the bills, both expected and unexpected.

Series 4: 1. Steady Rain

3.0 27 x
Sam and Phil pick up Frankie and Duke, who have been visiting their father. Frankie surprises Sam by saying she wants a big party for her 15th birthday. Rich needs comforting.