Big Brother: Best Shows Ever

Series 1

S1 E5: The 'Yeah Jackie' One

4.0 30 x
...The 'Yeah Jackie' One: Davina and Rylan remember the moment when Jackie Stallone made a shock entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother house with her now iconic catchphrase. (Ep5)

S1 E10: The Blinking Brilliant One

4.0 54 x
...The Blinking Brilliant One: The final episode in our countdown is from Big Brother 2. Romance unfolds between Helen and Paul - and Helen tells us how much she likes blinking! (Ep10)

S1 E9: The One with the Boxes Task

4.0 18 x
...The One with the Boxes Task: Davina and Rylan relive one of Big Brother's simplest yet most entertaining tasks. Which BB6 housemate can stay in a cardboard box for the longest? (Ep9)

S1 E8: The One with the Tree of Temptation

3.0 20 x
...The One with the Tree of Temptation: From Ivana Trump entering the house to Alex Reid destroying a snowman at the command of a persuasive talking tree - it could only be CBB7. (Ep8)

S1 E7: The One with Jade in the Rich Poor Divide

3.0 37 x
...The One with Jade in the Rich Poor Divide: In BB3, which kicked off the careers of Alison Hammond, Kate Lawler and the late Jade Goody, the action builds to a shock twist. (Ep7)

S1 E6: The 'Would You Like Me to Be the Cat?' One

4.5 21 x
This episode re-joins the action in the CBB4 house to hear George Galloway utter those eternal words to Rula Lenska, 'Would you like me to be the cat?'. (Ep6)

S1 E4: The One Where Ulrika and Verne Find Endless Love

3.0 25 x
...The One Where Ulrika and Verne Find Endless Love: Davina and Rylan relive the unforgettable duet between Ulrika Jonsson and Verne Troyer during a task in Celebrity Big Brother 6. (Ep4)

S1 E3: The 'Who IS She?' One

3.0 41 x
...The 'Who IS She?' One: Davina and Rylan remember Nikki Grahame's Diary Room rant in Big Brother 7, one of the most iconic and often-quoted Big Brother moments of all time. (Ep3)

S1 E2: The One with Chantelle's Secret Mission

2.3 45 x
...The One with Chantelle's Secret Mission: Davina and Rylan relive Celebrity Big Brother 4, when secret civilian Chantelle Houghton went into the house pretending to be a celeb! (Ep2)

S1 E1: The One with Craig and Nasty Nick's Showdown

3.0 140 x
...The One with Craig and Nasty Nick's Showdown: Davina McCall, Rylan Clark-Neal and special guests relive the first ever series and the dramatic moment that made Big Brother an icon. (Ep1)