Big House, Little House


Episode 15 Peterborough and Surrey

4.0 3 x
Christine and Stephen are opening up their downstairs to make a user-friendly kitchen living area. Rosie and Paul need nifty design ideas to create their dream kitchen diner, with space at a premium.

Series 1 Episode 14 West London and Manchester

4.0 3 x
Laura and Richard want to create a kitchen family space with an interesting design theme in their Victorian home. Anna and Chris want to build an extension to revolutionise how they use their home.

Series 1 Episode 13 Huddersfield and south-east London

4.0 5 x
Two sets of homeowners try to make a healthy profit. In the Big House in Huddersfield, Clementina and her sister Martha have £100k; in the Little House in south-east London, Helen has £35k.

Series 1 Episode 12 Kettering & York

4.0 5 x
In Kettering, Shaun and Cynthia have £30k to update tired spaces in the Big House. In the Little House in York, Sarah and James have £16k to add a contemporary kitchen to their bungalow.

Series 1 Episode 11 Northamptonshire & Greater Manchester

Expired 3.0 4 x
In the Big House in Northamptonshire, Jon and Jo have £50k to open up their dated property. In the Little House in Greater Manchester, James and Lucy have £20k to revamp their dank cellar.
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