Big House, Little House


Series 1 Episode 4 Shipley and Leicestershire

4.0 7 x
Atia and Khalid have £40,000 to relocate their dated bathroom to a different part of the house, while DIY fans Caitlin and her cousin Charlotte have just £750 for a renovation project

Series 1 Episode 3 Lancashire & Cheshire

4.0 2 x
Little House couple Ryan and Gemma from Lancashire have just 10k to build an extension. Iman and Heather in the Big House have 50k to extend the back of their Cheshire home.

Series 1 Episode 2 Bedfordshire

4.0 8 x
Aidan helps with two loft space conversions. Tracey, in the Big House in Bedfordshire, has 40k to transform her empty loft; Steve and Lindsay in the Little House have 25k for their attic.

Series 1 Episode 1 Derby and Gosport

4.5 28 x
Aidan Keane helps two couples - with very different budgets - create amazing new spaces in their homes. In this episode he's tackling projects in Derby and Gosport to create open plan kitchen diners.
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