Bitesize: 9-11 Year Olds

September 2021

English: 165. Reading Aloud/Performing

3.0 1 x
Learn how to build up a repertoire of poems, how to prepare and read them aloud, and how to hold attention.

Maths: 162. Problem solving and investigations

3.0 0 x
Learn about squares and cubes, percentages, equivalent fractions and decimals, and using coordinates.

Wellbeing: 159. Thinking Positively

3.0 0 x
Learn how to deal with and reframe negative thoughts, and how thoughts send signals.

English: 156. Reading to Infer

3.0 0 x
Learn about motives and a writer's choice of words.

Maths: 153. Position and Direction

4.0 1 x
Learn how to use grids to work out coordinates, how to translate 2D shapes and put coordinates into quadrants.

English: 150. English - Spoken Language

4.0 0 x
Learn about communicating in standard English and speaking with confidence.

Maths: 147. Maths - Properties of Shapes

4.0 2 x
Learn about the parts of a circle, angles in a triangle and comparing angles.

Wellbeing: 144. Well-being - Sleep and Exercise

3.0 0 x
Learn why bedtime is important, how exercise helps your mood and how to improve well-being with sleep and exercise.

English: 141. English - Reading to Understand

4.0 0 x
Learn about recognising themes and comparing characters.

Maths: 138. Maths - Volume, Capacity and Mass

3.0 0 x
Learn about pounds and pints, and how to understand volume, cubes and cuboids.