Bitesize: 9-11 Year Olds

December 2020

English plus Our Character Strengths

3.0 5 x
Magic in Shakespeare and discovering our character strengths.

Maths plus Clothes in French

4.0 5 x
3D shapes and nets, talking about clothes in French, plus Macbeth in Book Club.

Science plus the internet

3.0 6 x
High and low pitches, the internet and more Book Club.

English plus Macbeth

2.0 8 x
Shakespeare, wildlife in cities and Macbeth.

Maths plus Polygons and Pyramids

3.0 7 x
Ore Oduba reads Macbeth in new Book Club, plus polygons and ancient Egypt.

English plus Direct and Indirect Speech

4.0 6 x
Direct and indirect speech, well-being, and more from book club.

Maths plus Value for Money

3.0 6 x
Value for money in maths, YolanDa Brown with Book Club, and going to town in French.

Science plus Design and Science

3.0 2 x
Today, we learn about irreversible change in science, design in art, and there is more from YolanDa Brown and Book Club.

English plus Time Zones

4.0 7 x
Today, we learn about English, geography, and there is more from Book Club.
November 2020

Maths plus YolanDa Brown Book Club

4.0 3 x
Learn about kilos, Viking invasions, and there is brand new book club with YolanDa Brown.