7. Custody of the Pumpkin

3.0 19 x
Clarence's bid to win the Pumpkin prize is threatened by Connie's ambition.

6. Necessary Rhino

3.0 14 x
Connie encourages Hannibal Didcot to propose to wealthy American Vanessa Polk.

5. Sticky Wicket at Blandings

3.0 8 x
Connie is trying to impress Colonel Fanshawe, but Beach is behaving very oddly indeed.

4. Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best

3.0 5 x
Freddie needs Clarence to convince Hollywood starlet Pauline Petite of his bona fides.

3. Hallo to All This

3.0 8 x
Clarence must stop his brother Galahad publishing his memoirs and ruining the family name.
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