Bomb Girls


Episode 1: Bomb Girls - Facing the Enemy

Expired 3.0 16 x
Production of newly-developed sonar equipment is moved to Victory Munitions, and it is the duty of the women at the factory to band together and fight for their country.

Episode 5: Armistice

3.0 16 x
With Armistice Day nearing, battles near and far get cast into stark relief. Lorna struggles to free herself from Marco, while Gladys's secret engagement is exposed.

Episode 4: Bringing Up Bombshell

3.0 20 x
Blue Shift claims the honour of building the company's millionth bomb, and a film director wants the perfect poster-girl to star in his recruitment newsreel.

Episode 3: How You Trust

3.0 16 x
A surprise inspection at the factory gives Lorna an opportunity to finally get rid of Marco. Gladys must defend herself against a thief to prove Kate's innocence.

Episode 2: Misfires

3.0 23 x
World War II drama series. The women at Victory Munitions must band together when the blame for an accidental explosion is laid at their feet.
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