Bomb Patrol

November 2013

Series 1, Episode 10: The Firefight

3.0 18 x
The EOD return to finish clearing the Shakh Road of IEDs.

Series 1, Episode 9: Ambush

3.0 14 x
The Taliban ambush the convoy on the on Shakh Road.

Series 1, Episode 8: Teamwork

3.0 20 x
While work at Kunduz slows down, the tension increases between Ricky Thibeault, Matt Rayl and Sam Durham.

Series 1, Episode 7: Thanksgiving

3.0 24 x
Chief John Groat tackles a live IED in Thanksgiving Day.
June 2013

Series 1, Episode 6: Suicide Vest

3.0 37 x
The New England Patriots' cheerleaders stop by to perform.

Series 1, Episode 5: For Sgt. Kirspel

3.0 24 x
The death of a soldier in an explosion is a rude awakening.
April 2013

Series 1, Episode 4: Live Charge

3.0 16 x
The team must dismantle an explosive device placed across a gully and another under cover of darkness.
March 2013

Series 1, Episode 3: The Triggerman

3.0 16 x
Ricky and his team have been clearing Route X for four days.

Series 1, Episode 2: Road of Blood

3.0 27 x
Ricky, Matt and Sam clear the heavily mined road to Gortepa.

Series 1, Episode 1: The Rules of Engagement

3.0 27 x
The team defuse a bomb in a Taliban-controlled town.
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