Brazil with Michael Palin

February 2017

The Deep South

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Michael Palin looks at the cultural diversity found within Brazil, meeting Prince Joao de Braganza and visiting the third-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer.

The Road to Rio

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Michael Palin heads to Minas Gerais to learn about Brazil's wealth of minerals, visiting an old gold mine and hearing how the profits are spent in Rio de Janeiro.

Into Amazonia

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Travelling Python Michael Palin visits indigenous people, hears of Henry Ford's attempt to build a rubber plantation in the Amazon and is welcomed into the Wauja tribe.

Out of Africa

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The well-travelled Michael Palin makes his first ever visit to Brazil, exploring the history of Portuguese explorers and examining the ways slavery shaped the country.
August 2016

August 5, 2016

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In the third part of his Brazilian odyssey, Michael Palin visits the source of Brazil's great mineral wealth and then travels to one of the world's greatest cities to see how this new-found wealth is being spent, changing the lives of millions of its inhabitants.
June 2014

4. The Deep South

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In the final episode of his travels through Brazil, Michael Palin finds many surprises as he encounters the rich diversity of the more European and Asian cultures that have created a new melting pot in the deep south of Brazil.
May 2014

2. Into Amazonia

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Michael Palin travels from Brazil's northern border with Venezuela along the Rivers Branco, Negro, Amazon, Tapajos and Xingu, through the very heart of the Amazonia, before ending up at the capital Brasilia. He visits indigenous tribes like the Yanomami, and talks to their shaman and chief spokesperson Davi about the threa...

1. Out of Africa

3.0 12 x
Brazil in the 21st century has become a global player. With a booming economy and massive social changes, there is a swagger to this once-sleeping giant, but what do we know of it apart from football and carnival? Michael Palin has travelled across most of the globe over the years, but never to Brazil. In this four-part se...
January 2013


3.0 9 x
Dan Roan looks at the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
November 2012

4. The Deep South

3.0 57 x
Michael finds many surprises as he encounters the rich diversity of Brazil's deep south.
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