Britain's Horror Homes

March 2017

6. Episode 6

3.0 16 x
In Airdrie, Scotland, a damp problem poses a serious health risk for a property's new owners.

5. Episode 5

3.0 13 x
Lucy and Ben face a battle against uncontrollable mould.

4. Episode 4

3.0 12 x
A couple discuss their ongoing war with Japanese knotweed.

3. Episode 3

3.0 16 x
A couple in Scotland are left homeless after a flash flood ruins their home.

2. Episode 2

3.0 16 x
Dust mites in Marnie's furniture turned her deaf.

1. Episode 1

3.0 16 x
A family in Carlisle are left homeless after flooding.
February 2016

Series 1, Episode 3

Expired 3.0 19 x
A timber cottage is disrupted by flooding.
December 2015

Series 1, Episode 2

Expired 3.0 25 x
Ted from Yorkshire was shocked when a car crashed into his kitchen, and Bryony from Happisburgh was devastated when her house had to be demolished.
November 2015

Series 1, Episode 1

Expired 3.0 27 x
A couple's bed and breakfast is being dragged down by a landslide, and a woman in East London's flat was swamped by a tsunami of sewage.
June 2015

Series 1, Episode 6

Expired 3.0 16 x
A west Sussex couple fear their home will be washed away.
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