Building the Dream

October 2020

Series 4 Episode 9: Loughborough

3.0 5 x
In Loughborough, Charlie Luxton helps a couple who can't agree on what the home they're building in their back garden should look like: traditional or contemporary? (S4 Ep9/9)

Series 4 Episode 8: Pembrokeshire

3.0 8 x
In Pembrokeshire, Charlie Luxton helps Graham and Dorothy build an upside-down eco-house by the sea. Can they get the job done in just 20 weeks? (S4 Ep8/9)

Series 4 Episode 7: Hastings Revisit

4.7 14 x
Charlie Luxton returns to Hastings to find out if Robin and Liz's dream New England-style home is living up to expectations. (S4 Ep7/9)

Series 4 Episode 6: North Somerset

4.5 3 x
In north Somerset, Charlie Luxton visits Antony and Hayley Wild's striking, contemporary self-build home, which has been 26 years in the planning. (S4 Ep6/9)

Series 4 Episode 5: South Lanarkshire Barn

4.0 13 x
Charlie Luxton meets Jayne and Alistair Lewis, who are trying to self-build an innovative, barn-style home in South Lanarkshire that can grow and shrink to order. (S4 Ep5/9)

Series 4 Episode 4: Stirlingshire

4.5 9 x
In Stirlingshire, Charlie Luxton meets Morag and Heiko, who plan to self-build a continental prefabricated home in six weeks. But their summer project becomes a winter struggle. (S4 Ep4/9)

Series 4 Episode 3: Lancashire

3.0 5 x
Charlie Luxton meets a Lancashire couple trying to create a home on one of the most challenging sites he's ever seen, with a build that suddenly heads off on a different course. (S4 Ep3/9)

Series 4 Episode 2: Peak District

3.0 4 x
Charlie Luxton helps Cheshire architect Matthew Lewis, who wants to build the perfect family home on an extraordinary site on the edge of the Peak District. (S4 Ep2/9)

Series 4 Episode 1: Newcastle

4.5 13 x
Charlie Luxton heads to Tyne and Wear, where Duncan and Susan hope to build a Georgian-inspired home. But ancient mines are discovered under their site. (S4 Ep1/9)

Series 3 Episode 9: Gloucestershire

3.0 7 x
Charlie Luxton meets Karen and Colin, who want to self-build a family home with an ultra-modern metal roof in Gloucestershire. But Charlie's worried that the roof won't match. (S3 Ep9/9)
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