Building the Dream

January 2022

January 18, 2022

4.8 10 x
Charlie Luxton's in the beautiful Shropshire countryside with Richard and Kate, who are building a five-bed family house. Will they take his advice on how to save some money? (S2 Ep1/11)

January 17, 2022

4.3 23 x
Charlie Luxton meets Andy and Mandy, who are building a huge bungalow in Yarm in the north east of England, as they pursue the dream of living mortgage-free. (S1 Ep11/11)

January 14, 2022

4.3 20 x
Charlie Luxton meets Mark and Abigail who want to self-build a barn-style home in Warwickshire, saving them around £130,000. Charlie has some ideas on how to adapt their plans. (S1 Ep10/11)

January 13, 2022

4.7 9 x
Charlie Luxton visits Kevin and Liz in north Somerset. They want to build a five-bedroom family home, with two separate lounges, a big kitchen-diner and an indoor plunge pool. (S1 Ep9/11)

January 12, 2022

4.0 9 x
Charlie Luxton meets Liz and Robin in Sussex. Plans for their three-bedroom home include a Gone with the Wind-style staircase and a balcony that's perfect for Romeo and Juliet. (S1 Ep8/11)

January 11, 2022

4.0 19 x
In Cambridgeshire, Charlie Luxton meets Sally and John, who are building a four-bedroom kit home that will be shipped 'flat-packed' from Germany and built in a fortnight. (S1 Ep7/11)

January 10, 2022

4.7 24 x
In Perthshire, Pete and Jen are building a five-bed family home that they've designed themselves. Architectural designer Charlie Luxton has some simple cash-saving suggestions. (S1 Ep6/11)

January 7, 2022

3.0 9 x
In Wales, Charlie Luxton meets Josh and Rhian Cooper, who plan to replace a 1960s detached house with a stylish home on the cliffs overlooking the seaside town of Aberdovey. (S1 Ep5/11)

January 6, 2022

3.0 11 x
Charlie Luxton meets Ian and Steph Shaw, who are self-building an oak-framed cottage in West Sussex. But is this what Steph really wants? (S1 Ep4/11)

January 5, 2022

3.0 9 x
In Somerset, Charlie Luxton visits Andrew and Vicki, who plan to create their own eco-home out of an 18th-century cottage and save almost £150,000 by doing it their way. (S1 Ep3/11)