Series 2012 Episode 8

3.0 49 x
With the threat of jail time still ringing in their ears, the Bullrunners set out from Orlando on the final leg of the rally.

Series 2012 Episode 7

3.0 18 x
It looks as though the Bullrunners are on the South's most wanted list, as the Alabama State Troopers pull the teams over left…

Series 2012 Episode 6

3.0 21 x
The unforgiving heat of the South proves to be just a taste of the journey ahead for the Bullrunners as they drive to Montgomery…

Series 2012 Episode 5

3.0 40 x
The Bullrunners tear through the state of Louisiana towards their destination of New Orleans.

Series 2012 Episode 4

3.0 61 x
Four days into the world's most infamous car rally, the Bullrunners awake in Texas and race towards their destination of…

Series 2012 Episode 3

3.0 86 x
After a night of partying hard, the Bullrunners tear across the state of Texas towards Dallas.

Series 2012 Episode 2

3.0 13 x
Twenty-four hours into the world's most glamorous rally, the Bullrunners awake in Arizona and prepare to head west to Lajitas…

Series 2012 Episode 1

3.0 55 x
This year's flag girl is Amber Rose, who is joined by Ice T with his co-driver and wife Coco, as well as the infamous Dudesons…
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