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November 2018

Episode 30 Adventure Belt, Seniturn, Itip Handles

4.0 6 x
Lucy has brought her son Charlie to demonstrate her invention; Daniel has travelled from Austria with his safety gadget; Simon and David have a simple solution to a hefty problem.

Episode 29 Teapy, Randomise, Recoil Knee Pads

4.0 2 x
Roland has a product he thinks makes the perfect cup of tea; Chris stands in for his wife to pitch a brand new board game; Vicky has a DIY product inspired by her dad.

Episode 28 Beach Bag Plus, Shapes, Game Off

3.0 4 x
Andrew's invention is to improve trips to the beach; Trishna from London has a beauty product to aid the daily routine; brothers Bob and Andy have an invention inspired by their nan.

Episode 27 Critter Catcher, Own Brown, Magnetips

4.0 0 x
Tony from Ireland has a fun children's product; Nadine from Switzerland showcases a fashion garment; Noam from London has some nifty magnetic stationery.

Episode 26 The Brug, Dig Trousers, Meal Kit

4.0 0 x
Friends Melissa and Dominique have a product to help parents on the go; Harriet has a solution for our mucky four-legged friends; fitness instructor Julian has brought his mum.

Episode 25 Wingman, Fidget Bum, Dandi Patch

3.0 2 x
Friends Jay and Barney have a solution to a floppy problem; Mum Melanie has a neat idea to help parents get more sleep; Theresa has a discreet solution to an embarrassing issue.

Episode 24 Equerry, Pace Pack, Easy Mat

3.0 9 x
Brothers Charles and Anthony hope their business will succeed; Plamen and his brother demonstrate a fitness product; Helen from St Helens hopes she can help stressed-out parents.

Episode 23 Marty the Robot, Greeper Laces, Squidger

4.0 11 x
Sandy has brought his little friend Marty to illustrate his hi-tech invention; Peter hopes to tie up lots of sales; friends Clare, Philippa and Adam have a money saving gadget.

Episode 22 Laundreez, Necksaviour Mini, Measure it Tape

3.0 2 x
Ann has a product to help festival-goers smell fresh; Wes has poured his professional know-how as a physio into his product; Rob has flown in from Canada with an item to help DIY.

Episode 21 Shoft, Corknet, OFD Cosmetics

3.0 3 x
Father and son Graham and Ron share a product to improve posture; Julian has a product to make mealtimes more fun; 19-year-old Maimunah showcases a little beauty product
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