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October 2018

Episode 16 Dust Tape, Ullo, Den Kit

4.0 0 x
Tim has a nifty tool to minimise clean-up after DIY; James has an innovative new product for the wine cabinet; Kay and Johanna have a home-made gift for kids who love outdoor play.

Episode 15 Dr Zigs Bubbles, Solarcan, Lobster Apron

4.0 0 x
Paola and Ziggy have a fun new product with a positive message; Sam has a gift inspired by recycled cans; siblings Nathalie and Alec hope to have the shoppers all sewn up

Episode 14 Densters, Yoke Shopper, Field Fresh Skincare

4.0 0 x
Dejan demonstrates his creative solution for keeping kids occupied; Matt from Hampshire brings a universal gadget; Laura has a homemade kit to make the nation feel refreshed

Episode 12 Arconic Brush, Plank Pad, Nutripouch

4.0 0 x
Hairdresser John from Scotland demonstrates his new hair product; Andre has flown in from Germany to show a solution to relieve exercise boredom; Rifit has a new kitchen aid.

Episode 11 Rockit, Hybe Bag, Scrubrite

4.0 0 x
Dad mates Matt, Matt and Nick have a gadget to help stressed out parents; Richard from Brighton has a five in one product; Stephen has an everyday household object with a little price tag.

Episode 10 B-Lifted, 5AM Phone Box, Solar Buddies

3.0 0 x
Paul presents his solution for fighting the flab; Kyaw has a product to aid early morning wake-ups; Kelli and Laura show their nifty solution to a big problem

Episode 9 Bionic Gym, Noodvamp, Tablehookz

4.0 1 x
Is it possible to lose weight while sitting on the sofa? Dr Louis from Dublin thinks so. Valdis struggles to explain what his product is; Mike showcases his multi-purpose accessory.

Episode 8 Kikka Digger, Thero, Pink Puff

3.0 0 x
What will the shoppers make of Nick's gardening gadget? Bostonians Kloris and Allen have a disastrous demonstration; Sarah hopes her pretty pink invention will catch the shoppers' eye.

Episode 7 Caboost, ManMower, Pokito

4.0 3 x
Steve and Sue showcase their product to help kids during car journeys; Tim from Dorset has a pocket-sized product for male grooming; Andrew demonstrates his nifty, reusable product.
September 2018

Episode 6 Practi Towel, Monpere, Heeling Powers

4.0 1 x
Twin entrepreneurs Ben and Gary from York demonstrate their leisure product; Sylvain and his daughter fly in from Canada to showcase their gadget; Sylvia puts her best foot forward.
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