Cabins In The Wild With Dick Strawbridge

January 2018

Episode 4 Treehouse and a Tin-Clad Cabin

3.0 32 x
The competition concludes as two cabins fight for a place in the final. This week an ambitious treehouse cabin takes on a tin-clad cabin with a trick up its sleeve.

Episode 3 King Arthur and a Double Decker

4.0 20 x
The cabins this time include a laser-cut project inspired by the legend of King Arthur, a double-decker tepee, and a luxury getaway on a sea fort.

Episode 2 Innovative Cabins

4.0 73 x
This time the two pop-up hotel cabins battling it out are a luxury design inspired by a Welsh coal pit and a modernist unit made of slate.

Episode 1 Dragons

4.5 23 x
The first round of the competition features a battle of the dragons, as a cabin built to resemble a dragon's eye faces off against a dragon's claw