Episode 40: Bully Cans

3.0 72 x
The animated adventures of a group of modern day urban pixies - mischievous, adventurous and inquisitive. They love to play and create innocent mayhem.

Episode 52: Florence Nighting Can

3.5 124 x
When Mimi and Nia get the idea to play doctors and nurses on the toys in the hospital waiting room, their enthusiasm begins to spread and no one can escape.

Episode 51: Canimal Magnetism

3.0 82 x
Fridge magnets plus Ato mean Leon has fun. Leon then finds himself pursued by Ato, who has become increasingly attractive to the kitchen pots and utensils.
Episodes 2012

Episode of Tuesday 18 September 2012

3.0 57 x
Toki and a balloon is like bouncing on the moon. His antics with Uly leave Mimi tangled up, then all three Canimals embark on an airborne journey.

Episode of Monday 17 September 2012

3.0 58 x
Nia and Mini's sunbathing is interrupted when they are terrorised by a smiling garden gnome. Is there only one and who is putting it up to this?

Episode of Sunday 14 October 2012

3.0 46 x
The Canimals decide that they want to have Nia's lollypop, then a chase ends up with them all trapped in a glass vase and a standoff for the candy begins.

Episode of Friday 14 September 2012

3.0 56 x
While enjoying a family picnic Fizzy, Uly and Toki torment some ants - who retaliate and mount an attack.

Episode of Saturday 13 October 2012

3.0 21 x
Leon is bullied out of his share of cereal so he comes up with a plan to masquerade as Mimi. One Mimi is bad enough, what happens when there are two of them?

Episode of Sunday 7 October 2012

3.0 28 x
Mimi finds herself stranded outside the walls of her giant sandcastle, so she prepares an all-out assault on the fortress to teach Oz and Uly a lesson.

Episode of Thursday 13 September 2012

3.0 29 x
When Nia's annoying dolly causes a fight the toy ends up well and truly out of reach. Oz and Ato decide to get it back for her.