Cbbc Live Lessons

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 13 - KS2/Second Level - Black History

3.0 0 x
Ayshah Tull and Mrs Vee explore the inspirational lives and contributions of black writers, musicians, activists and more.

Series 2, Episode 9 - KS1/First Level - Rebecca and the Giant Beanstalk...

3.0 1 x
Rebecca Keatley and Mr Smith go on an incredible journey up a beanstalk! Along the way they learn all about number bonds up to 100.

Series 2, Episode 12 - KS2/Second Level - Poetry

3.0 1 x
Presenter and journalist Ayshah Tull and professional poet Mark Grist explore the world of poetry.

Series 2, Episode 8 - KS1/First Level - Unplugged

4.0 1 x
Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith read Unplugged, by Steve Antony. They then investigate prefixes and explore what it means to be a good friend using adjectives.

Series 2, Episode 11 - KS2/Second Level - His Dark Materials

4.0 0 x
Ayshah Tull and Mrs Vee explore the world of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, taking a look at the characters and magical themes in the books.

Series 2, Episode 7 - KS1/First Level - Michael Rosen Poetry

4.0 0 x
After hearing poems from Michael Rosen’s A Great Big Cuddle collection, Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith learn about rhyming, adjectives and nouns.

Series 2, Episode 10 - KS1/First Level, KS2/Second Level and 500 Words 2020...

3.0 0 x
Celebrating ten years of Radio 2’s short story writing competition, 500 Words. We look at ways we can take inspiration from the past, present and future.

Series 2, Episode 6 - KS1/First Level - Simon Sock

3.0 0 x
Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith explore Simon Sock, by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra. The book is read by Junior Bake Off winner and vlogger Nikki Lilly.

Series 2, Episode 5 - Literacy

4.0 0 x
Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee dive into a storytelling adventure for 5- to 7-year olds, inspired by Old Jack's Boat: Rockpool Tales.

Series 2, Episode 4 - KS1/First Level - The Tale of a Toothbrush

4.0 0 x
Rebecca Keatley and Mr Smith read The Tale of a Toothbrush, explain how to write questions, explore alliteration and investigate how we can help protect the environment.