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19 x

Series 3: Numberblocks

Numberblock One and friends challenge viewers to practice their numeracy skills.


Series 3, Episode 15 - Shakespeare

16 x
This Live Lesson brings together Horrible Histories Tom Stourton and Rhys Stevenson to find out how the Tudor era affected The Bard's writing.

Series 3: Shakespeare

8 x
As Newsround turns 50, current presenter De-Graft Mensah leads us through the past, present and future of children’s news.

Series 3, Episode 12 - World Book Day

8 x
Celebrate a love of reading with this Live Lesson, featuring award-winning authors and illustrator, and a whole lot of books!

Series 3, Episode 11 - The Victorians

17 x
Joined by the cast of CBBC show Dodger and historian Olivette Otele, we look back in time with a lesson all about the Victorians.

Series 3, Episode 10 - Bitesize: The Regenerators: Saving Our Green Planet 2...

23 x
The Green Planet and BBC Bitesize Regenerators team up for a Live Lesson on plants.

Series 3, Episode 9 - The Regenerators - The Green Planet Live Lesson 1...

68 x
Let your budding learners grow with a tropical Live Lesson celebrating new BBC nature documentary series The Green Planet.
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Series 3, Episode 8 - It’s Christmas!

12 x
Live Lesson explories how people of different backgrounds and faiths mark Christmas.

Series 3, Episode 7 - Winter - Live Lesson

6 x
A Live Lesson all about winter, as we think about ways to prepare for the new season.

Series 3, Episode 6 - Anti-Bullying Week - Live Lesson

12 x
What does bullying mean, and how can we help those affected? This live lesson with BBC Own It and the Anti-Bullying Alliance investigates.

Series 3, Episode 5 - Bitesize: The Regenerators - Climate Change Live Lesson...

15 x
Exploring how you can make a difference to climate change.

Series 3, Episode 3 - Space - Live Lesson

13 x
Reach the stars and expand your mind with Professor Brian Cox in this World Space Week episode of Live Lessons.

Series 3: Harvest - Live Lesson

20 x
This harvest-themed episode sees Mwaksy Mudenda, Mr McPartlin, chef Suzie Lee and gardener George Hassall unearth the meaning of seasonal eating and inspire viewers to cook.

Series 3, Episode 1 - Get Active

4 x
Get moving and have fun with Ben Shires and Mr Brown, Olympians the Brownlee Brothers and Emily Campbell, and explore the connection between physical exercise and well-being.

Series 2, Episode 15 - KS1/First Level - Pirates

11 x
This pirate-themed Live Lesson sees CBBC’s Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith hunting for buried treasure, learning maths skills along the way.

Series 2, Episode 14 - KS1/First Level - Space

9 x
Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith travel the universe, picking up maths skills along the way. They learn how to add and subtract numbers up to 100.

Series 2, Episode 13 - KS2/Second Level - Black History

9 x
Ayshah Tull and Mrs Vee explore the inspirational lives and contributions of black writers, musicians, activists and more.

Series 2, Episode 9 - KS1/First Level - Rebecca and the Giant Beanstalk...

11 x
Rebecca Keatley and Mr Smith go on an incredible journey up a beanstalk! Along the way they learn all about number bonds up to 100.

Series 2, Episode 12 - KS2/Second Level - Poetry

8 x
Presenter and journalist Ayshah Tull and professional poet Mark Grist explore the world of poetry.

Series 2, Episode 8 - KS1/First Level - Unplugged

8 x
Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith read Unplugged, by Steve Antony. They then investigate prefixes and explore what it means to be a good friend using adjectives.