Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 23 - Episode 20: Finale

3.0 102 x
...Finale: Brand new series - The celebs' dating journey at the mansion comes to an emotional close with a Commitment Ceremony full of speeches, passion and a romantic revelation. (Ep20)

Series 1, Episode 22 - Episode 19

3.0 38 x
Brand new series: It's the penultimate day in the mansion and emotions are high as the celebs decide who they want to spend their final day with, and Joey's choice rocks the group. (Ep19)

Series 1, Episode 21 - Episode 18

4.0 71 x
Brand new series: Tom Z and Sophie H face the agents' challenge head on. Joey takes a break from Sophie L and a shine to new girl Shannon. Chloe gets to know new boy Craig. (Ep18)

Series 1, Episode 20 - Episode 17

4.0 42 x
Brand new series: At an emotional Breakfast Dilemma, the celebs decide which singles they want to keep dating and who will be sent packing, which puts Chloe in her usual quandary. (Ep17)

Series 1, Episode 19 - Episode 16

2.5 139 x
Brand new series: It's the final week and Joey Essex is on a mission, as he dates one girl, chats up another and kisses a third. Tom Z finally asks Sophie H for some one-on-one time. (Ep16)

Series 1, Episode 18 - Extra Mansion: Episode 3

4.5 54 x
Brand new series: A special round-up after another busy week at the mansion, with some exclusive, unseen action and a sneak peek at the singles set to move in next week. (Ep3)

Series 1, Episode 17 - Episode 15

4.0 56 x
Brand new series: Karim and Whitney have a romantic night for two. Three more new singletons arrive at the mansion. And the chemistry between Tom Z and Sophie H cranks up a notch. (Ep15)

Series 1, Episode 16 - Episode 14

4.3 66 x
Brand new series: As the dust settles on some shock decisions at the Ball, the Agency welcomes the return of Joey Essex, but old habits die hard. And it's crunch time for Curtis. (Ep14)

Series 1, Episode 15 - Episode 13

4.0 67 x
Brand new series: It's the morning after the night before for Kimberly and Shane. And the agents surprise the celebs with a Mansion Ball where big decisions must be made. (Ep13)

Series 1, Episode 14 - Episode 12

4.0 65 x
Brand new series: Tom and Wayne go on a Mexican double date with the two new girls, but it ends in a grilling. Sophie H and Chloe have fun over fondue. And Chloe has a big dilemma. (Ep12)