Cheap Cheap Cheap

July 2018

Episode 30

3.0 7 x
The doors open for the last time in this series. Noel makes the most of dress-down Friday, and when Barry is short staffed, the temp agency send Lionel Blair along to lend a hand.

Episode 29

4.0 9 x
It's a busy day at the Store. Noel and Manager Barry are run off their feet when the staff go on strike, Marijana celebrates a birthday, and Noel has a chat with a duck called Dave.

Episode 28

4.0 3 x
Noel Edmonds welcomes more bargain hungry contestants to the show. Barry tries his hand at doing Noel's job, and there's a breakout of Kardashianitis in the Store.

Episode 27

3.0 4 x
Manager Barry goes fishing without leaving the Store, three bunches of flowers could be worth £8500, and Noel meets himself from the future

Episode 26

4.0 3 x
Noel's Store opens for another day and another game of 'Which is the Cheapest?'. Marijana plays ball, Kelly pulls a fast one, and Noel's new shoes get everyone talking.

Episode 25

4.0 4 x
It's business as usual in the Store. Kelly has a beauty emergency, Marijana causes heartbreak, and Keith invites Noel on a lads' night out.

Episode 24

4.0 6 x
Noel Edmonds opens the doors to more contestants hoping to win a £25,000 jackpot. Barry's wife Margaret has a favour to ask Noel, and Russell Grant comes in to complain about the noise.

Episode 23

3.0 3 x
Another visit to Noel's eccentric Store. One couple hope their knowledge of jeans will help them walk away with thousands, while Marijana reveals a hidden talent.

Episode 22

4.0 3 x
Another visit to the eccentric Store. Barry showcases his fancy dress sale with some unlikely models, Keith's dodgy DIY skills cause chaos, and Noel gets a personal trainer.
June 2018

Episode 21

3.0 2 x
Noel welcomes more contestants to the Store. Keith takes a busman's holiday, Marijana takes fashion inspiration from Noel and Barry receives a worrying phone call from Environmental Health.