Churchill's First World War


January 19, 2017

Expired 3.0 28 x
Drama-documentary about Winston Churchill's extraordinary experiences during the Great War, with intimate letters to his wife Clementine allowing the story to be told largely in his own words. Just 39 and at the peak of his powers running the Royal Navy, Churchill in 1914 dreamt of Napoleonic glory, but suffered a catastro...
Episodes 2016

May 10, 2016

Expired 3.0 14 x
Told in his own words, this terrific docudrama charts Winston Churchill's character-forming experiences during WWI - from the Dardanelles disaster to the trenches of Flanders.
Episodes 2013

July 30, 2013

3.0 40 x
Drama-documentary about Winston Churchill's experiences during the First World War.