August 2019

7. Therapy

4.0 3 x
The girls see a new side to Sherri following her treatment.

6. Reform

3.0 2 x
Governor Darby plans to introduce tag boxing to the prison.

5. Contrition

4.0 2 x
Laura's brother turns up in a digger, hell-bent on revenge.

4. Cribs

3.0 1 x
In the wake of Laura's death, her brother wants answers.

3. Cuts

4.3 4 x
In trouble with Sherri, Laura sinks into a deep depression.

2. Parole

4.5 0 x
Joyce is angry when her lover Idara is suddenly shipped out.
July 2019

1. Home

4.8 10 x
Heavily pregnant Chloe arrives at BPS Bridewell to await trial.

10. Endgame

3.5 9 x
BPS Bridewell is visited by a prison inspector.

9. Changes

3.0 3 x
Chloe is re-admitted to Bridewell - on a murder charge.

8. Judgement

4.0 10 x
Chloe's court date arrives. Sherri stands up to Maggie.
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