Coach Trip: Road To Marbs

August 2019

Episode 30 The Finale

4.0 8 x
The coach finally rolls into Marbella. Brendan blows the budget on a private boat party. At an emotional vote the winners are revealed.

Episode 29 Final Week: One Day to Go

3.0 4 x
It's the penultimate day of the trip and everyone is desperate to make the final. Tensions are high as the vote puts everyone at risk.

Episode 28 Final Week: Bushcraft & Sailing Karts

3.0 1 x
Brendan has his work cut out controlling the group as they get stuck into some bushcraft and sailing karts

Episode 27 Final Week: Cadiz

4.0 0 x
The coach rolls into Cadiz, where Brendan sets the group an ultra-competitive treasure hunt

Episode 26 Final Week: Jerez

4.0 10 x
The touring party visit Jerez. One couple make a shock announcement while Brendan delivers a surprise twist.

Episode 25 Seville

2.0 4 x
The coach arrives in Seville, where everyone gets the giggles doing some glass-blowing. Later, Brendan lays down the law at a flamenco class.

Episode 24 Thrown to the Wolves

3.0 0 x
One pair of trippers surprise everyone by not getting on the coach. But the others have a fun morning at the beach, until one is literally thrown to the wolves.

Episode 23 Wildlife Park

4.0 0 x
One tourist gives Brendan a run for his money at a wildlife conservation park

Episode 22 Theme Park

3.0 3 x
Brendan blows the budget on a theme park visit where one tourist has the ride of her life

Episode 21 New Couples

3.0 0 x
Three new couples arrive to shake things up, and one pair of contestants make a dramatic announcement