Coach Trip: Road To Tenerife

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Coach Trip: Road To Tenerife Tenerife: After an action-packed 40 days on the road, it's time for the final. At a luxury boat party, there's an emotional vote and the winners are crowned. (Ep40/40)

July 2021 Tenerife: After a heavy night on the town, Brendan takes the group to a gruelling beach boot camp, and to mermaid school. (Ep39/40) Tenerife: The coach finally arrives in Tenerife, where the group go camel trekking. With only two votes left, will factions start to form? (Ep38/40) Tenerife: The tourists are up bright and early for a morning of rock climbing and a personal growth workshop with horses. (Ep37/40) Tenerife: On Gran Canaria, Brendan takes the group sofa boating and for an afternoon class at clown school. But will everyone still be laughing after the vote? (Ep36/40)
On their last morning on Lanzarote, the group play kayak polo. The afternoon features a blustery belly-dancing class on the ferry to Gran Canaria. (Ep35/40)
On Lanzarote, the tourists indulge in a chocolate massage session before revving their engines on a dune buggy ride. But who will stall at the vote? (Ep34/40)
On Lanzarote, the tourists go parasailing and take part in a drag class. (Ep33/40)
In Lanzarote, Brendan oversees a battle of the sexes in beach volleyball. After working up a sweat, the group get a chance to cool off in a diving competition. (Ep32/40)
The group land in Lanzarote, where Brendan takes them sea trekking and for a spin on some quadricycles. But on this trip, all roads lead to the vote... (Ep31/40)
Twist Week: In Seville's stunning old town, the group go on a scavenger hunt and try some flamenco - before Brendan ends the week of twists with a bang. (Ep30/40)
Twist Week: There's a trip to an open-air spa, an epic cross-border zipwire, and a huge surprise for one lucky couple in yet another twist. (Ep29/40)
Twist Week: In Tavira in southern Portugal, there's paddleboarding and a tennis competition, plus more twists from Brendan. (Ep28/40)
Twist Week: As the twists and shocks continue, the gang burn rubber on the go-kart track and play bowls in Faro. (Ep27/40)
June 2021
Twist Week: In sunny Almancil in Portugal, there's a game of footgolf, some tai chi - and the start of Brendan's cunning Twist Week! (Ep26/40)
In Albufeira, at the heart of Portugal's Algarve, the group compete in a sandcastle building contest before another tense vote. (Ep25/40)
The group hit the Algarve beach resort of Portimão. An eventful day kicks off with a pottery class. But in the afternoon, disaster strikes on the beach... (Ep24/40)
There's a fishy start to the day in Lagos in southern Portugal, with a traditional cooking class followed by a budget-busting trip to see the dolphins. (Ep23/40)
Brendan drops a bombshell in Aljezur in Portugal, on a fun-packed day featuring a sensual dance class and hovercrafting. (Ep22/40)
The tourists are off to Odemira, in southern Portugal, for some river kayaking and a chocolate-making workshop. (Ep21/40)