Coast Vs Country


Episode 20 Northumberland

Expired 3.0 9 x
Hypnotherapist David and wildlife enthusiast Carolynne have fallen in love with Northumberland, and are now looking for their forever home in the region with a budget of £375,000

Episode 19 Somerset

Expired 3.0 6 x
Retired couple Tim and Sue have decided they should move into their forever home in Somerset, but while Tim hopes to move away from the coast and into the countryside, Sue has other ideas

Episode 18 Scotland

Expired 3.0 6 x
Leanne and Ricky live in Chipping Norton, but have fallen in love with Ricky's homeland of Scotland. They have £220,000 and while Leanne is keen on the sea, Ricky prefers rural landscapes.

Episode 17 Dorset

Expired 3.0 4 x
Lesley and Ian are planning a move to Dorset with a £500,000 budget. While Ian wants to enjoy the pleasant pastures of the countryside, Leslie would love to have the sound of the sea close.

Episode 16 Suffolk

Expired 3.0 5 x
Ann and Keith have been together for six years and want to retire to Suffolk. For their £400,000 budget, they want three bedrooms, a large garden and space for Keith to do up his old car.
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