Coast Vs Country

November 2017

Episode 40 Kent

4.0 4 x
House hunters Polly and Dave have moved back to the UK from America, with their dog Sprout. With a budget of £325,000, they are on the hunt for a dream home in Kent near Dave's family.

Episode 39 North Yorkshire

3.0 8 x
After living in Lancashire for 30 years, Sheila and her husband Billa are looking to move to North Yorkshire. Billa prefers the countryside but Sheila has a soft spot for the shoreline.

Episode 38 Kent

3.0 4 x
Joanne and Ernest want to move from the outskirts of London to the perfect family home in Kent. Joanne thinks their family will benefit from the countryside, but Ernest prefers the coast.

Episode 37 South Wales

4.0 7 x
Yeoman of the Guards David and his wife Judith have lived in the Tower of London for the past 12 years and are now looking for a quieter pace of life in South Wales. Sara and Kerr help.

Episode 36 Devon

4.0 6 x
Jane and Jim are hoping to find their dream home in Devon for £400,000. But the twist is they have already made an offer on a country house - can Kerr or Sara find them somewhere better?

Episode 35 Dorset, Devon and Somerset Borders

4.0 8 x
Retired couple Philip and Susan are on the hunt for their first home together. With £270,000 they hope to make the move from Northampton to the borders of Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

Episode 34 Dorset

4.0 6 x
Music-loving surveyor Diepiri and fashion designer Ethel are looking for a holiday home in Dorset. Ethel wants a life by the coast while Diepiri loves the calm of the country.

Episode 33 Norfolk

4.0 8 x
Semi-retired couple Rob and Christine are looking to downsize from Yorkshire to Norfolk. Christine loves the hustle and bustle of the sea front, while Rob wants a peaceful rural setting.

Episode 32 Wales

4.0 11 x
Retired couple Stephen and Eithne have £450,000 for their forever home in Wales. Eithne wants to live by the sea, while Stephen is a country boy at heart. Sara and Kerr help them decide.

Episode 31 Dorset

4.0 5 x
Tony and Michelle are keen to move from Oxfordshire to a more relaxed pace of life in Dorset. With a budget of £600,000 for a beautiful family home, will they choose coast or country?