Coast Vs Country


Episode 21 Lincolnshire

4.0 0 x
John and Sue want to move to Lincolnshire to be closer to their family. Sue wants a rural retreat surrounded by country views, while John has always dreamt of living near the water.

Episode 18 North Devon

4.0 0 x
Renee and Matt both love North Devon, but while Matt dreams of a vibrant coastal town, Renee wants to be surrounded by rolling fields. Sara and Kerr help them look for a home for £150k.

Episode 6 East Scotland

4.0 4 x
Brian and Marjory are approaching retirement and want to return home to Scotland. But while Marjory envisages sea views, Brian wants an expanse of Scottish landscape he can call his own.

Episode 20 Dorset

4.0 5 x
Sandy and Andy would love a holiday home in Dorset. With Andy away, friend Jules steps in to fight his country corner, while coastal loving Sandy struggles to balance location and space.

Episode 19 West Sussex

3.0 1 x
Godelieve dreams of living in West Sussex, but she also wants to help her daughter with a deposit for a first home in London; can she do both? Kerr and Sara show her properties for £450k.

Episode 17 Hampshire and Dorset

3.0 0 x
Anna and Wolde have £900,000 to spend on their dream home in Hampshire or Dorset. But while Anna loves the sound of the sea, Wolde wants rural peace...

Episode 16 Sunderland

3.0 1 x
Ian and Ann want to settle in Sunderland. Nature lover Ann wants to live in the country, while Ian dreams of living by the seaside. Kerr and Sara compete to find the perfect home for £175k.

Episode 8 Devon

4.0 3 x
Rob and Wendy plan a move to Devon, but have different ideas, Rob loves the country, while Wendy has always wanted to walk out of her door and stroll on the beach.

Episode 15 Somerset

4.0 0 x
Andrew and Lesley would like a home in Somerset, but Andrew wants a plot of land while Lesley would be happy on the coast. Sara and Kerr compete to find a home they both love for £600k.

Episode 14 North Wales

3.0 5 x
Clare wants to buy a holiday home in North Wales. She loves long country walks with her dogs but also wants to enjoy all coastal living has to offer. Kerr and Sara help solve her dilemma.