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Come Dine Champion of Champions

It's finals day. Arancini balls take on halibut chowder in the starter duel and a seafood cataplana fights it out against cannon of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes in the main course battle.

May 2018
Singer John McGrath goes up against head of recruitment Gilly Johnson and heating engineer Tony Byrd in a bid to go through to Friday's final and take the Champion of Champions crown
Salesman Simon takes on teaching assistant Eva and barrister Julia. In one of the series' closest heats, it's all down to one particular dessert that outshines the other two.
Past winners retired solicitor Cathie from London, deputy hotel manager Brendan from Brighton, and housewife Sarah from Bath battle it out for a place in Friday's final
Hairdresser JoJo Smith from Suffolk takes on GP Kevin Fernando from Edinburgh and businesswoman Jo Aitkin from East Yorkshire. A raw tart suggests timing issues, and Kevin gets a big shock.
It's the final, and the week's four winners vie to be Champion of Champions. Only two can go through to the dessert finale to face the ultimate challenge set by Glynn Purnell.
April 2018
Past winners Kevin, Helen and Amber compete for a place in the final. Magician Kevin hopes his magic wand will help, and Amber struggles with a mango chicken dish
Past winners Emma, Glenn and Simon battle it out for a place in the final. Featuring the invention of 'Glenn Sauce', and a dish which is described as looking like dog poo
Past winners Richard, Jelone and Andrea tussle with stuffed onions, glittery red tomatoes and chicken ballotine as they attempt to go through to the final
Past winners Gill, Sally and Tony (aka Blobbie Williams) compete for a place in the final. They need to impress Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell to be in with a chance
It's finals day, and the winners from the week get behind their cooking stations for the last time. In the battle of the starters, risotto with a parmesan crisp takes on Tourte au Reblochon.
Sumi battles it out against Andy and Caroline. Andy tries to wind up the other two, Caroline has issues with ingredients, and Sumi cooks with something she's never used before.
Stelios Michael battles it out against Margaret Fanion and JP Goddard. JP tries to make the eight dishes in Margaret's amuse bouche starter, but will it amuse chef Glynn Purnell's bouche?
Derek doesn't get off to the best start with his eggs en cocotte, Patrick has issues with his soufflé, and Kelly impresses chef Glynn Purnell with her dessert, but she has a shock in store
Nick Holt, a plumber from East Lancashire, lettings agent Natasha Conti from Salisbury and local communications officer Tracey Waters from Brighton battle it out for a place in the final
February 2016
It's finals day: One of the four finalists will walk away a champion. Butternut squash wedges take on ajo blanco in the starter duel, and venison takes on lamb in the main course battle.
Tony from the Costa del Sol overloads on the black pepper, Helen from Wales tries to impress with her singing and Richard from Bedford gets in a lather over some laver bread
Polly takes on Randeep and Marc. On the menu: a unique interpretation of a glamorous pâté, kebabs that look like giant sausages and an impressive Greek lamb dish.
Barrister Simon takes on company director Lara and country vet James. Somebody makes a perfect sticky toffee pudding that impresses chef Glynn Purnell, but is it enough for the final?
Dave Lamb invites past winners to 'his' stately home to compete against each other in the ultimate battle. First up, erotic novelist Jude, engineer Anil, and sales manager Ronnie battle it out.