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Series 8 Episode 2

3.0 24 x
Denise is the 'Mega Mouthful Champion' at Mike's Burger Van. When Tom, her longstanding crush and a regular at the van, suggests…

Series 8 Episode 7

3.0 18 x
Former synchronised swimmer Cynthia is looked after by grand-daughter Ellie, but Social Services want to take them both into care.

Series 8 Episode 1

3.0 27 x
Karen loves her two-year-old son Henry, but feels that he could be better off without her.

Series 8 Episode 3

3.0 10 x
Gemma and Hannah used to be best mates. On the eve of her Mum's wedding, Gemma escapes the pre-nuptials to reconnect with her old…

Series 8 Episode 6

3.0 16 x
On their nightly neighbourhood patrol of the Kilnamuck Estate, Van attempts to confess his love for Fiona. However they are…
Episodes 2013

Series 8 Episode 5

3.0 17 x
Sammy takes drastic action to bring her war correspondent mother Frances back from Afghanistan. Frances, however, has no…

Series 8 Episode 4

3.0 21 x
Baz lives with his parents and his heavily pregnant wife, Roxy.

Series 7 Episode 4

3.0 15 x
Sixteen-year-old Craig is growing up in Belfast, obsessed by the city's bloody past. Nicky has just moved there from England…

Series 7 Episode 5

3.0 12 x
When Jed learns that he is unable to access the treatment he needs for his terminal cancer, he decides to take matters into his…

Series 7 Episode 7

3.0 20 x
Eleven-year-old Holly's (Leah Nathan) friendship with Congolese boy Andre (Michael Ajao) gives her a reprieve from a difficult…
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