March 2020

Series 1: 10. Ten

3.0 10 x
Sam and Mark look back at the best bits of Crackerjack, including some of the messiest moments, most spectacular variety acts and funniest sketches.

Series 1: 9. Nine

3.0 10 x
Comedy duo Danny and Mick invade the Crackerjack! studio along with the amazing dancing dog act Ashleigh and Sully.

Series 1: 8. Eight

4.2 13 x
Sam and Mark are joined in the Crackerjack studio by international dance stars B-Girl Eddie and B-Girl Terra. And there is an unusual musical medley from Nutty Noah.
February 2020

Series 1: 7. Seven

4.0 9 x
Basil Brush puts on a show for the Crackerjack audience, while social media star Yammy creates a very special ‘Crackersode’.

Series 1: 6. Six

4.0 14 x
Star of The Chase Paul Sinha and boy band RoadTrip join Sam and Mark in the Crackerjack studio. And there are performances from brilliant new ventriloquist Max Fulham and DDF Crew.

Series 1: 5. Five

3.0 10 x
Sam and Mark are joined in the Crackerjack studio by Britain’s Got Talent winners Twist and Pulse, who take part in the sketches and incredibly messy game Splatterjack.

Series 1: 4. Four

3.0 9 x
Social media sensations the Martinez Twins join Sam and Mark in the Crackerjack studio for games, sketches and amazing variety acts.
January 2020

Series 1: 3. Three

3.0 5 x
Emmerdale’s Rosie Bentham and Isobel Steele join Sam and Mark in the studio to give them an acting lesson and play a very messy game of Splatterjack.

Series 1: 2. Two

4.5 15 x
HRVY joins Sam and Mark to perform his latest hit. And there is incredible acrobatics with The Black Eagles, as well as the extraordinary impressions of Britain's Got Talent's Paul Burling.

Series 1: 1. One

3.0 23 x
Crackerjack returns with hosts Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes. They are joined in the studio by Stu Francis, Bernie Clifton, Jan Hunt, Basil Brush and Don Maclean to help kick the series off in style.
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