Craft Party


Series 2: 8. Birthday Party

4.0 2 x
It’s a birthday party, but nobody is quite sure whose. Regardless, India and Ethan have fun rustling up a present-shaped piñata.

Series 2: 10. Glitter Party

4.5 21 x
Cara and Ethan produce their very own disco ball, while India and Stanley make shiny star snacks with puffed rice.

Series 2: 9. Snow Party

3.0 5 x
The Crafters create a snow-themed party, with Stanley and Georgia making a wintery scene while India and Curtis create cool snacks with their frozen banana polar bears.

Series 2: 7. Monster Party

4.0 8 x
Georgia and Cara conjure up some creatures from cups to create a game of monster pong, while Curtis prepare apple mini monsters.

Series 2: 6. Hearts Party

4.0 4 x
Cara and Ethan have a hearty appetite when they cook up a heart-shaped pizza, while India and Stanley have a fresh idea for art when they make heart soap as gifts.

Series 2: 5. Ice Cream Party

4.0 18 x
India and Stanley whip up some ice cream cones made from popcorn, while Ethan and Cara clean up when they make bath bombs that look like ice cream.

Series 2: 4. Robot Party

3.0 5 x
India and Ethan get their heads together to craft a robot head, complete with fun-o-meter, while Curtis and Georgia’s plans to make robotic carrot flapjacks go like clockwork.

Series 2: 3. Safari Party

3.0 5 x
Stanley builds a swishy tiger tail while Curtis tells him tall tales about his time in the savannah.

Series 2: 2. Space Party

3.0 5 x
The art goes intergalactic as Curtis and Georgia craft a spaceship for their very own lunar landing, while India and Ethan discover other lifeforms in the kitchen by making alien marshmallow pops.

Series 2: 1. Fruit Party

4.0 48 x
Stanley and India make pleasingly squishable grape balloons, while Cara and Ethan arrange a bouquet made entirely from fruit.