November 2016

Episode 6 Beaver with a Chainsaw

Expired 4.0 22 x
It's Halloween and Amy and Raquel go into hiding. As events spiral out of control, not even the girls' closest allies can be trusted...

Episode 5 Downward Facing Dog

Expired 3.0 20 x
Raquel goes on a date with Harry and discovers he's actually kind of kick-ass and romantic, but Amy is concerned - she can't shake the feeling that Harry's too good to be true

Episode 4 Penguin or Cow?

Expired 3.0 18 x
How far would you go to protect the ones you love? Amy finds out as she and Raquel prepare to rescue Suzanne from Callum's evil clutches.

Episode 3 Shave the Cat

Expired 3.0 21 x
What do you do when your best friend returns from the dead as a bloodsucking revenant? If you're Amy and Raquel, you take her captive...
October 2016

Episode 2 A Pine Fresh Scent

Expired 3.0 6 x
Amy and Raquel's exorcism attempt has put them firmly on Callum's radar and he's keen to stop them

Episode 1 A Very Trippy Horse

Expired 3.0 30 x
Amy must act when she discovers her best mate is harbouring a mean-mouthed, hell-raised demon