Crime - Are We Tough Enough?

January 2020

Series 1: 5. The Trial

3.0 11 x
The week ends with Chris and Ayesha bringing all their evidence to court and presenting their arguments for and against tougher law enforcement to a jury of 12 people.

Series 1: 4. The Police

4.0 10 x
Chris and Ayesha spend time with different police forces, looking at how they are dealing with crime.

Series 1: 3. On the Streets

3.0 4 x
Chris and Ayesha spend time on the streets, finding out what is really happening in Britain's knife crime crisis.

Series 1: 2. Prisons

3.0 53 x
Chris Daw and Ayesha Nayyar look at what role our prisons should play in the fight against crime.

Series 1: 1. The Courts

4.0 21 x
Chris Daw QC and solicitor Ayesha Nayyar look at how Britain's courts are handling law and order.