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Daisy and Ollie explore the different types of holidays, creating a beach in the garden.

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Series 5
Ollie and Daisy go to the pool to learn more about swimming.
Whizzy feels left out as everyone is distracted by their new electronic gadgets.
Daisy and Ollie find out how to throw an autism-friendly New Year's Eve party.
Daisy and Ollie pretend to be and imagine monsters they would like to meet.
Daddy surprises the children with a trip to a real restaurant.
Series 1
Ollie doesn't like the idea of having a haircut. But Daddy explains we all need a haircut.
The children set about making their own documentary all about Daddy.
Daisy discovers that her shoes have shrunk! Or has she just grown bigger?
When Boo jumps on the See-saw to join in the fun, the See-saw stops working!
Daddy tells the children about the tricks they can try to cure the hiccups.
Daisy and Ollie explore why some smells are nice and some smells are so stinky!
On a cold day, Daisy and Ollie help a hedgehog to find a warm and safe place to hibernate.
Daisy is upset when she realises it's Daddy's birthday and she hasn't got him a present.
Daddy takes Daisy and Ollie camping, so they can have a clear look at the stars.
It's a rainy day. Daisy and Ollie are wearing wellies and raincoats and having fun.
The children think about what jobs they might do when they grow up.
Series 5
Daddy doesn't have all of the ingredients they need to make Boo's banana birthday cake.
Daisy and Ollie are looking forward to helping Daddy babysit Libby for the afternoon.
Series 1
Daisy and Ollie wonder why Herbie the dog wags his tail during frisbee.